Himalayan Crystal Salt

About Himalayan crystal Salt

CrystalSalt Inc is a manufacturing and exporting company dealing in a wide product range of Himalayan Salt.We have been exporting internationally for a decade and have a comparative edge in the market for our high quality innovative products,fine aesthetics,competitive pricing & timely services.

Our products are made from 100% pink Himalayan salt extracted from the foothills of The Himalayan Mountains in Khewra Mines in Pakistan.Having all 84 trace minerals,the product is free from chemicals.Our premium grade quality products,customer oriented approach and efficient team work has led us to satisfy the needs of our consumers successfully.

CrystalSalt Inc is registered as a legal entity with the Chamber of Commerce and FBR Pakistan.

Our state of the art production facility, can meet custom made product requirements.We wholesale our products to vendors and buyers worldwide.Every salt product is meticulously designed as graders are employed to sort through the salt and select which piece could be used for handcrafted lamps and for natural shape lamps.

The product range includes Himalayan Fine Granulated Salt,Coarse Granulated Salt,Original Halite Salt for Sole,Tea Light Holders(all shapes and sizes),Salt Lamps(all shapes and sizes),Salt Bricks,Salt Blocks,Salt Plates and trays(for gourmet requirement),Salt Slabs(for animal licking),Ground Salt(for animal feed),Salt Pillow/Sachets,Ceramic Salt Inhaler,Crystal Salt(for bathing)Salt Mortar & Pestle,Salt Caddy,Salt Bowls(for serving),Salt bowls(for decoration),Shot glasses,Goblets & Small Salt Cubes(edible).

Our salt products are hand washed and carefully crafted making every piece

unique and one of its kind.

We as manufacturers of Himalayan salt products can cater to the customers requirements and provide packaging,special labelling,size and shape according to the individual’s needs.

Being one of the largest exporters, we are able to give competitive prices to all our customers worldwide.