Himalayan Crystal Salt

Salt Info

Himalayan salt is considered to be one of the purest salts in the world, as it is protected from impurities and harmful pollutants because of its deposits, present deep down in the Himalayan Mountains.

The natural colour of the Himalayan salt varies from off white to light pink and orange to rust.The colour hues show the richness of salt and the variations of energy & mineral rich iron content.

Himalayan salt products can effectively improve your health in many ways. The healthy ions emitted not only improve the quality and restore freshness of air,but also aid relaxation by affecting positive change in all the metabolic functions of the body, creating harmony.

Speleotherapy or Climatotherapy is a treatment used in Eastern and Central European countries for the treatment of asthma. It involves spending 2-3 hours a day in the salt caves or mines over a period of 2-4 months. Speleotherapy improves respiration by strengthening the respiratory track.

It reduces the frequency of asthma attacks and proneness to colds & flu,it also increases lung capacity,gives relief from hay fever,headaches,migraines,sinus and detoxifies the body.

The same benefits can be best obtained by using salt products when heated i.e. salt slabs,tea light holders & salt lamps.


When Himalayan salt sole is taken,it harmonizes the pH balance in the body & normalizes blood pressure.Sole can remove and dissolve traces which can lead to kidney or gal bladder stones.It helps eliminate sediments which can lead to rheumatism and arthritis.It increases hydration,strengthens bones,helps in digestion and helps intestines absorb nutrients,revitalizes your skin making it look clear and healthy.